Temperature Calibration & Mapping

TEMPERATURE CALIBRATION & MAPPING – WAREHOUSE, TRUCK, COLD STORAGE, CLEAN ROOM, ETC.Obsnap Calibration Sdn Bhd provide ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration. We also provide Temperature & Relative Humidity Mapping for Warehouse, Cold Room and Clean Room.

Temperature sensitive materials, foods or pharmaceuticals can degrade at higher temperature therefore it is important to validate laboratory and manufacturing area for temperature and ensuring the temperature of the surroundings is being maintained within a specified tolerance.

Temperature mapping is the process of mapping the frequency of temperature fluctuations, differences and the range of temperature within a controlled space, over a period of time. It can locate areas where the maximum temperature fluctuations occur and analyze the source of the variations.

Temperature Mapping IS NOT Temperature Calibration

Temperature mapping includes:

  1. The impact of external intervention like door openings, power failures etc
  2. Identification of variation, higher or lower temperature areas
  3. The max and min temperature difference at a single point
  4. When the temperature variations are outside the acceptable limit

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