What is Metallic Colour?

Color affect us in many ways, especially for metallic palettes. In industries for example automotive, metallic colors are widely used to make products distinctively appealing to buyers. Metallic car paint is made by adding fine grounded aluminum into pigmented or unpigmented paints. Those metallic flakes when viewed under microscope will cause sparkle effect. In other […]

Accuracy matters, know your uncertainty!

What is uncertainty of measurement? Uncertainty of measurement is the doubt that exists about the result of any measurement. You might think that well-made rulers, clocks and thermometers should be trustworthy, and give the right answers. But for every measurement – even the most careful – there is always a margin of doubt.  Question is […]

Purpose of Calibration Certificate

A calibration certificate is a record of the results of calibration performed on a specific instrument or measuring equipment. This also called a calibration report. For ISO 17025 accredited calibrations, the form of the calibration certificate is standardized and the resultant certificate will be in a widely recognizable format. Using a calibration certificate to apply […]

JS Analytical Packaging Machine

These machines fill an assortment of products such as powders, granules, and pieces, which come in a variety of shapes. These machines are capable of filling flat bags up to self-standing bags. We are experts in this area of filling, offering machines capable of handling zip-lock bags for temporary storage. These machines can also handle […]