Ashing Furnaces

You can use furnaces for annealing, heardening, brazing, forging and nitriding. It has wide applications range through advanced materials, laboratory, dental, thermal process technology and foundry to glass and arts & craft. WHAT IS ASHING? Ashing in analytical chemistry is defined as the heating of a substance to leave only non-combustible ash, which is analyzed […]

3D Printing Technologies, Processes & Techniques Seminar!

 Invitation to 3D Printing Seminar ! Mark your calendar on 25th October 2019: they’re the official date for 3D Printing Technologies, Processes & Techniques Seminar. We are excited to invite you to join as you can gain a lot of information about 3D Printing and Material Extrusion Technologies. This seminar comes with a special price, you […]

ISO 17025 Calibration, Quality management system and its effect to a company

ISO 17025 Calibration sometimes were viewed as a non value added expense that should be minimized. Given the parameters of fast service, high quality and low cost and asked to pick any two, they often want the fastest possible service and the lowest possible cost. They are more concerned about compliance with requirements than measurement […]

Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS)

The answer for metals or minerals identification in compounds or trace element analysis (e.g., metals, soil, waste or water drinking, bodily fluids,minerals, all sorts of chemical compounds etc) is Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) in the field of Analytical Chemistry. The element analysis can be qualitative (determining what elements are present), and it can be quantitative […]