ISO 17025 Calibration, Quality management system and its effect to a company

ISO 17025 Calibration sometimes were viewed as a non value added expense that should be minimized. Given the parameters of fast service, high quality and low cost and asked to pick any two, they often want the fastest possible service and the lowest possible cost. They are more concerned about compliance with requirements than measurement quality. However calibration is much more important than you thought!

Here are the FIVE reasons why a good quality ISO17025 calibration is important and it applies to all companies size

  • ISO and QMS Promotes best practices

It give you access to internationally recognized best practices across your business.

  • It Keeps customers happy

Standards help keep customers satisfied by improving complaint management, quality control and client satisfaction monitoring.

  • Improves revenues

Certification can help your bottom line. The best performance results happen in companies that make a sustained effort to improve operations—not just before the next recertification audit.

  • It help Open doors to new markets

Standards gives your business access to new markets e.g. government contracts that require adherence to certain standards, larger companies like MNC or a megaproject.

  • Fosters team commitment

Meeting ISO standards can help a company to foster a more engaged and productive workforce.

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