Tensile testing is one of the simplest and most widely used mechanical tests to determine how the test sample will react when it is pulled apart aka to discover its breaking point when an external force/stress is applied onto it. This allows product designers and quality managers to analyse their material properties and predict how their materials and products will behave in their […]

Calibration: Accuracy & Consistency

View original post here. CALIBRATION: ACCURACY & CONSISTENCY   “It is better to record accurate or precise measurements?” The Difference: If you weigh yourself on a scale three times and each time the number is different, yet it is getting closer to your true (actual) weight, the scale is accurate. However, when it comes to scales that […]

Ways to Identify Metals

View original post here. Ways to Identify Metals: Concerned about the elemental quality of your metal? Whether it is Raw Materials, Industrial Products or Waste & Recycling. Identification of metals is important to ensure a smooth production line; some of the traditional & modern methods used, below. Traditional Testing Method – Cost-efficient but relies heavily […]

Metrology: Before & Today

View Original Post, HERE. Metrology: Difference between Before & Today BEFORE Did you know? It can take about 6 hours to determine the 27 dimensions of each 25 parts below with just a profile projector, caliper, micrometer, and a height gauge? The possibility of human error due to manual measurement; this can lead to inconsistency, time-wasted & complications in the recorded data. […]