Paper Manufacturer & Supplier

Sales Engineer, Zaheem provided product demonstration and training for Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge to our paper manufacturer client from Pahang. Client needs to do coating thickness measurement on the metal parts of their manufacturing equipment to analyse its wear and tear process. To ensure their machines are in tiptop condition all year round. For more information […]

Aviation (Aircraft) & Pharmaceutical Industries Supplier

“Client’s confidence with our quality service and speedy delivery service from experience, is now interested to get a Walk-through metal detector for their aviation client & a metal detection conveyor unit for their pharmaceutical client, from us soon” Our Chief Techinal Officer enlightened our client on what is the proper procedure, equipment & environment temperature […]

Manufacturer & Producer of Household Rubber Gloves

“Client was very happy as Victor’s UTM helps their testing operation easier by saving cost and time” Sumirubber Malaysia Sdn Bhd ordered our VEW 2307E Universal Testing Machine due to satisfaction from their previous order. This UTM’s extensometer grip attachment is specialised to do Tensile test, Tearing Test, COF Test, Stress relaxation Test, Puncture Test, […]