Equipment Repair Malaysia

With more than 20 years of Installation, Maintenance, Servicing, Repairing, Wiring & Fabrication and Modifications experience since 1997 in Malaysia.

Obsnap can repair your Metrological (Measuring), Material Testing, Analytical, Detection, Inspection Instruments & Equipment confidently if it is within our expertise.

You can also request for Calibration accordingly to our Scope of Capabilities.

Service and Support

1) Customer Service-Technical Support

As for customer services in our technical support team, our warm and cheerful service engineers as well as support teams will do our very best in assisting you by doing a constant follow-up via emails and through phone calls to update our customers further on the progress of their instrument sent in for service. It is our timely service policy to notify our customer of the instrument inspection status within THREE working days upon received of the instrument.

1.1) Service                                                                   


1.2) Training   

1.3)Technical support

2) Installation Process

Upon arrival of big equipment at our customer installation site, the customer’s logistic team or vendor will transfer and move the items in place. Then, it is followed by our installation process that is handled by our experienced service engineers and technician. As soon as installation process is done, our service engineer will perform a test run on the machine to ensure its functionality and precision. We also provide the services of doing re-installation for hardware and software if the equipment is transferred to another site.

3) Calibration Services

Obsnap provides on-site and return-to-Obsnap-office calibration services to evaluate & adjust the accuracy of the measuring equipment ensuring that our customers get a reliable, precise reading level of accuracy. Obsnap’s calibration is a process to determine, or check the commencement of any new or used instruments in order to certify that the instrument is in its most accurate form and functioning well in its actual capacity.

Here at Obsnap Instruments, we assure you of our high standard calibration procedures that will provide you the accurate instrument measurement reading for your better usage.

300 ton compression tester was being lifted and dismantled for repair

Compression tester was being assembled back after repair was completed

Calibration of the 300 ton compression tester was being carried out

Ensuring the highest accuracy is achieved with a precision calibrator

4) Service and Repair Warranty Claim

All instruments repaired and serviced by Obsnap are given the privilege to enjoy up to 30 days warranty claim, which means we will not charge customer for the service and repair required on the instruments for the same defect and component again within 30 days. However, shall the same instrument experienced a different issue or another component failure, Service Warranty is nullified and quotation will be provided after inspection.

5) Service and Repair Maintenances

As for our service and repair maintenances, we provide convenient solutions in order to satisfy our customer’s requirements. These convenient solutions are inclusive of having our well experienced service engineers to schedule an on-site visit to provide you our technical support. Apart from on-site visits for big machineries, Obsnap provides indoor technical support in order to assist you with smaller instruments for service and repair maintenances.

5.1) Repairing and Troubleshooting on Industrial Machineries
5.2) Repairing and Troubleshooting on Equipments and Instruments
5.3) Service and troubleshooting on Industrial Machineries


6) Item Inspection & Verification

We provide in-house and on-site inspection and verification services to keep track of the instrument’s utilization and productivity by testing the accuracy and so forth in order to understand the cause of the instrument malfunction or defects. With further assistance from our manufacturers, we will be able to solve all the usage difficulty of the instrument faced by our valued customers.

Modification and Troubleshooting on Huge and Heavy Machineries Repairing and Troubleshooting of Equipments and Instruments

7) Obsnap Technical Support

With our well experienced sales & application engineers assisting customers to address their instrument testing & measuring requirements, we’ve acquired knowledge in what it takes to satisfy our customers by understanding their full needs in assisting them further. We provide a fast & efficient response with affordable costs and we are ready to work with you in a transparent and open communication environment to help improve productivity and increase utilization of the instrument.

While buyer and seller relationship is instantly severed after the purchasing process is over, Obsnap makes an effort to preserve buyer and seller relationship that goes the extra mile with our valued customers by providing after sales services such as technical consultation, training and seminar to our customers and ensure their sustained satisfaction.
7.1) One-on-one consultation

7.2) Training

7.3) Seminar


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