Desktop Labelling Machine


The NP-AT desktop paste standard sample machine is designed to achieve rational production goals. Labelling is an automated operation, simple operation, high efficiency, beautiful and neat. Suitable fir round bottles and flat bottles in the pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical industries and etc.

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PLM-B Desktop Round Bottle Labelling Machine

Delta PLC control system with high stable operation and extremely low failure rate. MCGS Touch Screen with Chinese and English language, rich with help function and fault display function, easy operation. Korea Automatic check label and bottle sensor. Desktop check label position, stable and convenient don’t have much higher requirement for the worker skill.

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XQ-TBR Wrap around Labelling Machine for PET Bottle

It is applicable to label glass bottle, plastic bottle and other round or cylinder objects widely used in the products for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and chemical industries etc.

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