Obsnap is one of the leading company in this industry and can guarantee a professional services to our clients. Other than that, we’re proficient in handling professional matters.

Your satisfaction is our first priority, we have received positive feedbacks from our previous customers that work with us. All of the process are handled professionally under tight supervision and we ensure to follow the prescribed regulatory.

Environmental Simulation Testing For Client Product

Climate change, strong noises, hazardous substances and mechanical stress can affect electric devices especially when there are expose to these kind of environment, it could cause bad impact on the functionality of the device and its accesorries.

As prevention step, we offer to help ensuring the safety of the electrical devices and the quality control of the products to assure our clients satisfaction. The electrical devices are maintained through the regular test to retain its quality.

The environmental simulation we offer for climate test to our clients are all according to the required standard, whether it’s IEC/EN 60068or DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and we’re making sure to find the right standard for our customer specific request.

Benefits of Inspection & Testing Service

  • Improve product reliability and quality to ensure safety for consumer.
  • Reduce the liability risk and avoid warranty cost for any technical damages.
  • Helping client in determine the best decision for their products.
  • Certainty in terms of the use of the right materials/designs/dimensions/color and etc.
  • Gain confidence of product durability through extensive test.

Environmental Simulation Services

  • Weather and temperature test (cold, dry and moist)
  • Corrosion test