Help your employees succeed at work with user-friendly employee engagement tools!

DoerHRM provides users with a high-quality employee engagement solution that makes it simple and fast for them to complete a variety of tasks. Keep an eye on the project road plan, interact with your coworkers, and make sure they don’t miss any deadlines.


Visible To Everyone In The Company

Best strategy are only theory. Ability to execute is everything. Try DoerHRM employee engagement framework to align your teams to win.

The day-to-day report planning, progress, problem (PPP) in your check-in will be clear to everyone in the company.

Setting Priority Tasks To Stay Focus

Activities or tasks set out by employees in their check-in report can be customized to the priority work.

Priority work will be outlined in order to ensure that workers note it clearly. 


Link Your Progress To OKR

Associate your tasks with OKRs, to make it easier for progress monitoring on the respective Key Results. The tasks of your check-in can be associated with quarterly or monthly OKR. The completion of a task or activity would result in the completion of your Key Result.

Create Your Strong Team Loyalty

Employees trust the leadership if you meet them frequently for a 1-on-1 meeting.

Not only will you have the ability to address your needs, priorities, and aspirations, but you will also give your team an advantage by offering your undivided attention. Within time, your employees will have a chance and a better path on their goals.

Easy-To-Use Employee Dashboard

Employee dashboard makes sure the project is done right and all the way through. It also makes sure that quality is kept up. No small parts of a task are forgotten, and there is no doubt about what needs to be done.

Focusing On Important Highlights During Group Meeting

Write down what you want to discuss about in ‘Talking Points.’ DoerHRM Group Meeting feature will benefit from converting employee feedback sessions into programs that facilitate a positive organizational culture in the future.

Boost Morale Among Colleagues

Employees should inspire and support each other during working days.

With 360 Feedback, anyone from various departments, whether your colleagues or managers are free to provide feedback to complement your work or leave notices about your actions in the office.

Foster Employee Performance At All Levels

From the ranking, you can develop strategies to evaluate the impact each member has on the team and incentivize them to continue contributing to the success of the organization.

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