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Obsnap Instruments Sdn Bhd

Parvez Hossain, Managing Director of Aquanor Mediators

l bought a few items from Obsnap and I discovered that Obsnap is a very good company and the staff are very helpful.

Overall, Obsnap is brilliant and I will come back again.

Alex Chai, Nikon (M)

Obsnap is very professional, their products are of good quality and they also provide good service.

Rajkumar, Technical Service Manager of Kansai Paint

We have been buying Paint Inspection Test Kits from Obsnap and we have found that the instruments are very reliable.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Obsnap for their continuous support.

Victor Equipments Resources Sdn Bhd

Rohida Rahim, QC Manager from Metex Steel Sdn Bhd

We have purchased a Victor Hydraulic-Controlled Universal Testing Machine in the year 2012.

The control software is simple and straightforward and it can control the machine to do tests and generate a complete test for us.

Victor has also customized the test report based on our requirements and we are satisfied with it. Every day we will perform tensile tests and elongate strength test on the samples from our production.

Victor Universal Testing Machine has good quality and is accurate and reliable.

We are very happy with the performance of the machine.

Abdul Karim, Lecturer from Linton University College

We purchased a Tensile Machine and have been using it for 2 years and (there was) no problem as of now.

The product is very good and we let our students use it (too).

Ivan Wong, QC Manager of Showa Metal Advance Sdn Bhd

(Victor’s service was) very good. We enjoyed the training and enjoyed using the (universal testing) machine. We are very satisfied for this.

(Test results was) okay and very good. Thank you.