Thermal Shock: Rapid Cooling & Heating

What if an aerospace O-rings is not properly tested for cycle of extreme cold & Heat (Thermal shock)? In history,  That cold rubber became stiff, failing to fully seal the joint and caused the NASA’s space shuttle Challenger tragedy that killed seven astronauts on Jan. 28, 1986 Thermal shock refers to fluctuation in temperature which […]

Temperature Calibration & Mapping

TEMPERATURE CALIBRATION & MAPPING – WAREHOUSE, TRUCK, COLD STORAGE, CLEAN ROOM, ETC.Obsnap Calibration Sdn Bhd provide ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration. We also provide Temperature & Relative Humidity Mapping for Warehouse, Cold Room and Clean Room. Temperature sensitive materials, foods or pharmaceuticals can degrade at higher temperature therefore it is important to validate laboratory and manufacturing […]

Product Weight: Falling within tolerance & saving cost

How to ensure product sample weight falls within tolerance all the time and achieve the benefit of savings? One of the vital benchmarks in quality control is measuring the weight of a product. Scanline checkweigher has high-precision weight reading function to check the weight of the product throughout the process with 100% online inspection, in […]

Using the Benefits of Tensile Machines

“Tensile testing is a common material testing method to apply tension, load and force onto a sample until it breaks apart.” Tensile testing has been used by quality control departments to assure that their parts & components have product integrity and safety. Various testing methods Destructive testing is used in order to discover a material’s […]

Paper Manufacturer & Supplier

Sales Engineer, Zaheem provided product demonstration and training for Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge to our paper manufacturer client from Pahang. Client needs to do coating thickness measurement on the metal parts of their manufacturing equipment to analyse its wear and tear process. To ensure their machines are in tiptop condition all year round. For more information […]

How Industry Prepare And Analyze their Material Seminar

Our CEO, Shone Fone Ng, was briefing the students and lecturers from the Science and Technology & Engineering Technology (Manufacturing) courses at UniKL Malaysian Italy Design Institute (MIDI), yesterday. The topics that were covered: • Material testing and QA/QC equipment • Elemental Analysis with XRF & OES • Why Calibration is a part of the manufacturing sector […]