Thermal Shock: Rapid Cooling & Heating

What if an aerospace O-rings is not properly tested for cycle of extreme cold & Heat (Thermal shock)? In history,  That cold rubber became stiff, failing to fully seal the joint and caused the NASA’s space shuttle Challenger tragedy that killed seven astronauts on Jan. 28, 1986

Thermal Shock Test Chamber, 2 Zone Malaysia

Thermal shock refers to fluctuation in temperature which causes stress in a material. Often, it results in fracture, crack, bend, etc especially to brittle materials such as ceramics.

Thermal Shock simulation test is exposing a test sample through high temperature and low temperature in a continuous cycle rapidly. And is usually applied to military products, aerospace ,automotive, packaging, or electronics to verify its ability to adapt and find out will it affect the product physically, characteristically, or it functionality

MERIDIAN Thermal Shock Simulation Test Structures

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