High-Temperature Testing with Muffle Furnace

Muffle furnaces are specially designed for heat treatment (with maximum temperature between 1100°C, 1200°C or 1300°C) in a compact and convenient manner. Making it suitable for laboratories, educational institutions, research & development facilities, ceramic studios, industrial laboratories, additive manufacturing and so on. Its heating capability can be supplied by combustion fuel, by electricity (i.e. electric […]

Metallographic Sample Preparation (Major Steps)

“Quality control for metals & alloys are critical to ensure structure integrity and reliability for the manufacturing use and consumer application…”     Benefits of Metallographic Sample Preparation:   Analysing the microstructure of the physical structure and components material (with microscopy). Determine if the material has been made/processed correctly Discovering why a material’s quality passed or failed during application & […]

The Importance of Calibration Traceability

The Importance of Calibration Traceability “A calibration performed on an instrument, can become pointless if it cannot be traced to a known reference / standard.” Traceability is defined by the measuring result and whether its value can be compared and related to a working standard or reference. This can be done through a referring to an […]