We can prepare a small specimen for Microscopy inspection, Micro Hardness & Element Analysis

Mounting presses and equipment are used to encapsulate specimens of a metal, ceramic or other material with a mounting compound to allow grinding, polishing and other sample preparation for analysis using microscopes, hardness testers or spectrometers. Small or oddly shaped specimens are mounted to facilitate easy handling during preparation and examination, Bakelite and diallyl phthalate are thermosetting resins which are […]

Industry Revolution 4.0 Central Material Handling System in Plastic Industry

We are now slowly moving past the third industrial revolution and are advancing into Industry 4.0. Unlike the more drastic changes from between the previous industrial revolutions, however, Industry 4.0 simply takes the automation and machinery from the third and makes it better. How? Through smart systems using data and machine learning; the Internet of […]

We can Enhance Surface Quality Measurement with Haze, Orange Peel, and Distinctness of Image (DOI)

A comprehensive surface quality control is more than just ensuring consistency of colour and gloss. If you are having challenges with QC of surface appearance and the issue is more than just colour and gloss, you can consider to look at Haze, Orange peel and DOI Haze is light that has been reflected by microscopic […]