Suitable items for Calibration

View Original Post, HERE. Suitable items for Calibration… Are your measuring tools functioning properly? Want to achieve 100% accurate reading on measurement? By regularly calibrating measurement equipment and monitoring their performances and end result. This ensures that the measuring instrument can conform to : International standards Measure accurately and consistently; Accordingly to its specifications.  After proper calibration, satisfaction is […]

Avoid Plastic Deformation – Dry your Resins!

View Original Post, HERE. Avoid Plastic Deformation – Dry your Resins! “Even moisture levels of 0.07% can cause cosmetic problems on a part surface if the material is exposed to the temperatures of melt processing…” – Michael Sepe (independent materials and processing consultant) Plastic Deformation (e.g. mold, holes, bumps, etc.) appears when plastic resins go through the production […]

Withstanding the Heat Wave in Malaysia

View Original Post, HERE. Withstanding the Heat Wave in Malaysia “Will your product still be reliable in different countries of various humidity? Can your product still operate well after unexpected/sudden heat exposure?” On January 2019: Adelaide, Australia had reached — a searing 46.6 C (115.9 F) on record on Jan. 24. Chicago was recently hit […]