Suitable items for Calibration

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Suitable items for Calibration…

Are your measuring tools functioning properly? Want to achieve 100% accurate reading on measurement?

By regularly calibrating measurement equipment and monitoring their performances and end result. This ensures that the measuring instrument can conform to :

  • International standards
  • Measure accurately and consistently;
  • Accordingly to its specifications. 

After proper calibration, satisfaction is guaranteed while improving a company’s reputation in productivity, eliminating wastage and saving cost.

Industrial Equipment that can be calibrated  :  

Depending on the application, there are many other measuring & testing instruments that can be calibrated.

Automotive /Metal: Coating Thickness Meter, Hardness Tester, Micrometer, Surface Roughness Meter &, etc. 


Construction / Civil Engineering: Sound Level Meter, Laser Distance Meter, Digital Measuring Tape &, etc.

For Scientific & Research Division on temperature testing: Digital / Infrared Thermometers / Thermocouples, Humidity Chambers, Thermo Hygrometer &, etc.

For Pressure, Flow and Hydraulic Calibration with ISO 17025: Barometers, Pressure Gauges, Dead Weight Tester &, etc.

For Mechanical Measuring Equipment: Load Cells & Force Gauges Micrometers, Verniers, Height Gauges Scales / Weight Balances &, etc.

For ISO 17025 Calibration / Consultation :

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