Avoid Plastic Deformation – Dry your Resins!

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Avoid Plastic Deformation – Dry your Resins!

“Even moisture levels of 0.07% can cause cosmetic problems on a part surface if the material is exposed to the temperatures of melt processing…Michael Sepe (independent materials and processing consultant)

Plastic Deformation (e.g. mold, holes, bumps, etc.) appears when plastic resins go through the production line without drying properly, thus affecting its overall quality.

(Above) Images of deformed plastic products i.e. spoon, bottle, and panels.

How to get the unwanted moisture out? 

“In most plastics processing plants, resin dryers are a standard piece of equipment. Drying is a necessary preparative step to prevent this defect (material being moulded due to too much moisture).” – Michael Sepe 

In order to avoid the moisture turning into air bubbles when going through the hot-melt extrusion machine, the resins have to pass through a drying machine beforehand to be preheated to get the moisture out.

(Above) How a drying machine creates pre-heating condition to release the moisture out plastic resins to create steam then rejecting the collected moisture away from the raw material.


Benefits of using a drying machine: 

  • Stabilises the production parameters 
  • Reduce processing energy costs
  • Ensure maximum polymer performance
  • Preventing Cosmetic Problems aka splay or silver streaking.
  • Preventing Hydrolysis (a chemical reaction that breaks the covalent bonds in the polymer chain, reducing the molecular weight of the polymer and significantly reducing mechanical properties.)
  • Preventing Part Failure (after drying, if the appropriate moisture for processing is not reached, premature part failure and structural defects can occur.)

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