Accuracy matters, know your uncertainty!

What is uncertainty of measurement?

Uncertainty of measurement is the doubt that exists about the result of any measurement. You might think that well-made rulers, clocks and thermometers should be trustworthy, and give the right answers. But for every measurement – even the most careful – there is always a margin of doubt. 

Question is do you want to take measurements or estimates? Whether testing components on a production line or monitoring the performance of instrument, you should be confident in your measurements. Measuring tools naturally drift over time, which can cause uncertainty in your measurements. Obsnap Calibration can help to ensure the accuracy of your measurements and allows you to compare the performance of your device with published specifications. After calibration is performed, what will you gain?

Accurate measurement results.

  • The performance of an instrument is assessed and its limitations originating from errors and uncertainties are made evident. Adjustment will be implied towards the spec if necessary.

Calibration certificate with the uncertainty reported.

  • The uncertainty provides the statistical confidence that a laboratory has on its calibration process.

Our laboratories provide customers with all the data and traceability information they need for their calibration items. Our procedures utilize multiple standards during a calibration to assure the accuracy of the process and to validate the standards which continually maintained according to ISO/IEC 17025 guidelines.

Obsnap Calibration is accredited to ISO 17025 and it’s our pleasure to offer our FREE consultation to you.

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