Measure Wall Thickness without Damage

“Non-destructive measuring instruments like the wall thickness gauge and the ultrasonic thickness gauge, has helped many manufacturers to perform thickness measurement without damaging their products.”

  Importance of Thickness Measurement  

  • Manufacturers can ensure their users’ safety, convenience and product reliability by checking on the thickness of their product.
  • To avoid structure failure & to identify structure integrity of manufactured goods before mass production.
  • Detect the thickness variation in a material – discover its resistance to pressure and its overall capability towards various operation conditions.
  • Detect the unwanted damage like erosion and corrosion
  • Assist with maintaining the standard or quality of the materials.

  Wall Thickness Gauge  

  • Uses magnetic attraction, the thickness is measured with the distance of a reference ball to the sensor tip.
  • Measuring range is between 0.1 µm – 24 mm
  • Has less variety in measuring samples field than the wall thickness gauge.
  • Has a better accuracy rate than ultra-sonic thickness gauge.
  • Suitable for non-magnetic materials like:  
    • Glass  |  Synthetic Fibers  |  Fabric 
    • Polymer Materials  |  Stainless steel  |  Composites
    • Other complex / unique geometric components

  Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge  

  • Uses ultrasonic, pulse technology and echo-to-echo measurement to determine the product’s thickness.
  • Measuring range is between 0.25 mm – 500 mm
  • Has less accuracy as compared to the wall thickness gauge.
  • Has more variety in measuring samples field than the wall thickness gauge.
  • Can test various material from:  
    • Coating  |  ​Metals (e.g. Steel, metal sheets)
    • Non-ferrous materials (e.g. aluminium, copper, lead, etc.) 
    • Glass Fiber  |  Corroded Materials  |  Dry Film
    • Thin Materials  |  Reinforced Plastic  |  Composites
    • Plates, pipes, boilers & vessels

  Industry Application  

This measuring method can be used from manufacturers under metallurgy, ship-building (marine), machinery, chemical, aerospace, power & energy, automotive, oil & gas and many others.


Measuring the wall thickness of goods, can eliminate future and potential wastage while using less time to complete the quality control process. It is all in the matter of choosing which portable wall thickness gauge for your measuring needs.

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