What to Consider Before Calibrating an Instrument

Before Calibrating an Instrument

Why is calibration and proper maintenance a critical process for instruments to ensure the accuracy of the measurement, reading & testing results?

After long usage, environment exposure or if the testing and measuring instruments are not properly calibrated…

They will eventually produce measurement errors, uncertainty, bias (zero drift) and sensitivity drift. Thus affecting the precision, accuracy & consistency of future measurements.

So, the question is: When should calibration be done to reduce and prevent measurement uncertainty? 

Refer to Manufacturer’s Recommendation
All legitimate testing and measuring tools have a recommended calibration interval / frequency on how often calibration should be done.

After an Unexpected Accident
If your equipment has taken damage from physical impact or shock, something internally might have been knocked out; which can affect the measuring capability.

Check if the instrument’s safety integrity has been compromised, if yes or unsure, then ask the calibration or technical service team to assist in the repair, maintenance & calibration.

Accordingly to Project Requirement
All measuring jobs can have various types of calibration requirement.

That includes having ISO 17025 certified instruments, using the right test equipment or having to deal with less strict calibration standards.

Regardless, always check the specifications before the test.

Frequency of Usage 
If critical measurements are needed often, then between monthly to quarterly is recommended.

However, if projects are carried out less between critical and non-critical measurements, then can proceed with biannual and annual calibration is better.

Calibration is not only about fine-tuning your measuring and testing equipment. It is also about ensuring that your equipment stays consistent in a safe and reliable manner.

Be mindful that calibration is a form of quality assurance process that allows you to get precise and accurate results.

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