Test Toughness with Dart Impact Test

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Free-Falling Dart Impact Test is a material degradation simulation process that can evaluate the impact strength and toughness of the test sample (to do quality comparison on their end-products and raw materials).

This allows manufacturers from the R&D and QC sector of laboratories, packaging, inspection, plastic film manufacturing and other related sectors, to study the impact resistance and breaking point of their products.


Evaluation Process  

A dart impact test utilises the falling force of the dart to simulate varied impacts by puncturing through the testing sample; this is factored by the size, shape, weight and the drop height of the dart.

Enlightening manufacturers to acknowledge which test sample has the quality and durability needed for their production line.



  • Determine the impact and force resistance of the testing material
  • Product Development Analysis on preventing potential product failure (wear & tear)
  • Quality Comparison & Evaluation of each batch of material from old & new suppliers

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