Accreditation Vs Traceable

Accreditation Vs Traceable
Both Accredited Calibrations and Traceable Calibrations include a Calibration Certificate that accompanies the instrument when it is returned to its owner.

Accredited Calibration, the most comprehensive level of service, meets ISO 17025 requirements. Accredited calibration supports statistical process control methods. Some industries and end-users mandate fully accredited calibration as a contractual requirement.

  • Performed by competent technicians, proven capable of performing the required calibration tasks, working in an accredited facility
  • Includes, where applicable, adjustments as necessary to restore performance to factory specifications
  • Includes a Test Data Report, with measurement uncertainties
  • Includes a compliant Certificate of Calibration

Traceable Calibration brings the instrument within factory specifications and is sufficient for many applications. The calibration includes customer notification in the event of a measurement issue, as well as:

Verification of specifications

  • Traceability to National Metrology Institutes
  • Certificate of Calibration
  • Statement of received conditions (in or out of tolerance)
  • Adjustments to restore performance to factory specifications
  • Test data report (optional)

Functional Verification is a level of calibration and is designed to cover non-measurement instruments that neither acquire nor source signals to be measured. A functional verification includes:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Firmware updates
  • Confimation that the instrument’s measurement accuracy meets catalog specifications (if any)
  • Intended for instruments that don’t meet requirements of Traceable Cal
  • Adjustment as necessary to restore performance to factory specifications
  • A Statement of Compliance (i.e. received conditions in or out of tolerance)

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