3 reason to calibrate your equipment

Measuring devices need to be verified that they give correct data so that we can make good decisions. Calibration is a process of verifying the readings of an instrument match that of a standard reference. If a device is not within a specified tolerance, it is adjusted so that it is within the range.

The question is why do you need calibration?

  1. Help to reduce instruments measuring error by giving accurate results of measurement. Even the most precise measurement instrument and equipment has the possibility of experiencing error during the measurement and some unavoidable uncertainty in the measurement. A calibrated equipment can prevent costly surprise of rejects and rework, which normally due to out of tolerance. 
  2. Calibration Can Help to Reduce Costs from Manufacturing Errors In manufacturing, a production process resulting in defects can be very costly. . A process will then need to be stopped, restarted, and have parts remade. This is expensive in both time and resources, or worse yet – defective parts could be delivered to your client. Well calibrated gauges and instrumentation will reduce the possibility of production defects.
  3. Complying the mandatory requirement to international ISO standard It is a mandatory requirement of QA standard ISO 9001 to demonstrate control of the measurement and test equipment. Part of this is ensuring that instruments are calibrated on a rational periodic cycle, and that records are maintained and reviewed with calibration, it allows everyone to use the measuring & testing instrument with confidence in the workplace.

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