When to Calibrate

When is Calibration Due?

Calibration is crucial to adjust and maintain the accuracy and precision of measuring & testing instruments.

The manufactured quality of the components, parts and products produced is determined by the calibration done on them. To ensure consistency and reliability of the measuring equipment.


The general recommendation is an interval 12 months period.

How Often?

It depends on the:

  1. Application & Overall Usage of the Equipment / System
  2. Manufacturing or Industrial Requirement of Calibration Frequency
  3. Operating Conditions of the instrument’s:
    • Wear & tear process
    • Frequency & severity of usage
    • Temperature & environmental exposure
  4. Historical records of the measurement’s stability, consistency & accuracy
  5. Specifications & Installation of your products & services

Risks of not Calibrating?

Calibration is an industrial standard to ensure the safety, quality and consistency of ISO 9000 & MS ISO 9001 manufactured products.

A measuring instrument’s reading cannot be assured; that can lead to inaccuracies with the overall product / service quality. Making it more costly to do the rework than the frequent cost of calibrating an equipment.

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