Salt Spray Test

Evaluate Coat Corrosion with Salt Spray Test

“Can Your Coating Withstand Corrosion Attack From Short-Term & Lon-Term Deterioration Or Environmental Exposure?” 

What is Salt Spray Test?

Salt spray testing is commonly used to determine the corrosion resistance of the substrate (coated material) and its surface coatings. Commonly used in marine, automotive, aircraft, metals and other industries that uses finishing & coating on metal substrates.

Benefits of Using Salt Spray Testing 

Evaluation data from the test method can help manufacturers to :

  1. Improve the coating formula during production (i.e. durability & toughness towards corrosion attack or environmental challenges)
  2. Eliminate future losses of batch production, cost and rejected goods.
  3. Compare corrosive resistance of various metals or finishes

And many more.

How it is done?

ASTM B117 is a commonly used requirement for salt spray testing to test the corrosion resistance of metals and coated metals exposed within a standardized corrosive environment.

(1)The coated samples within the salt spray chamber, will be exposed to a salty environmental condition to simulate the corrosive effect on the samples.
(2)After the testing process, corrosion and other defective appearance will be examined on the testing material.

Suitable Coating for Salt Spray Testing 

Coatings that can be evaluated with this test method are:

  1. Phosphated (pre-treated) surfaces (with subsequent paint/primer/lacquer/rust preventive)
  2. Zinc and zinc-alloy plating
  3. Electroplated chromium, nickel, copper, tin
  4. Paint Coatings
  5. Organic coatings such as polymeric material, paint, varnish, and rust preventives
  6. Metallic coverings

And many more.

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