How to Build a High Performing Teams

High performing teams basically are aligned with and committed to a common purpose, who consistently show high levels of collaboration and innovation and of course, produce superior results.

Good business leaders achieved it by creating vision, and carefully recruit “A” players that are focused on making things happen, he knows, execution is everything, and it takes a team to win.

We built Doerhrm that offer OKRs goal management system, so leaders could easily set structured goals, keep track of key doer actions with 80/20 rules to act on the Lead Measures, where the key 20% of activities produce that desired 80% of results, and get everyone working toward the company vision

This highly effective strategy and tool is originated from Intel, popularised by Google when it helped google to grow from 40 to 60,000 employees since 1999, and Google is still using it extensively today for goal management. OKR is proven to be able to bridge strategies with execution to drive the key results, it is suitable for start-ups as well as big companies.

Today, Google and other thousands of well-known companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, Samsung, Panasonic, Alibaba, Walmart, Ikea, and US government, the Navy are using OKRs to achieve superb results. The OKR are powerful yet simple and is proven comes with following 4 superpowers.

  1. It helps a company to Focus and Commit to the most important business Priorities
  2. It aligns and connects everyone for better teamwork by linking the team and individual OKRs. To deliver the biggest impact for the contribution to the company objective
  3. It increase transparency and holding employees to be more accountable by allowing everyone in the company to see each other’s goals and track the progress 
  4. OKRs help Stretch for Amazing Results by motivating the team to excel by doing more than what have been thought possible.

To find out more about OKR, go ahead and click the link in this post or go to  and you can download this 30-pages Strategy & Tool Guide for free. It’s the same strategy and tool many well-known companies and I use for breakthrough and maintain new levels of performance.

If you need guidance on how to implement this, feel free to reach out to us.

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