SUNDOO Torque Meter ST-50~500

ST-50~500 Torque Meter

A variety of torque types are tested and measured with the ST Series Digital Torque Meter. The Meter is used in conjunction with torque screwdrivers, torque spanners, and motorized or air-driven clamps that have been measured and calibrated. It is put to the test using the wrench force and shattered wrench force. The gauge is employed in the manufacture of machinery, light industry, scientific research, and the electric industry, among other things.

  • Peak holding and auto-releasing function: Peak value in test is caught and held, and peak holding time is adjustable (1 to 10 seconds);
  • Automatic power off function: This function conserves battery life and protects the gauge, and you can specify the power off duration (1 to 60 minutes);
  • Comparing function: The gadget can judge the measured result as Go (Green pilot lamp)/NG (Red pilot lamp) based on the initial input of the tolerance limit (Max/Min); Memory performance: Calculate the average from 10 testing data;
  • Conversion of three units: Automatic conversion of three units (N.m,, and;
  • Printing the testing curve and the analysis report for the ten sets of tested data within the printer.