Sundoo SLS Peel-off Force Special Test Stand

Peel-off Force of SLS The Special Test Stand is designed to measure vertical peel-off force. Furthermore, it is used to test the cling force of a copper-foil circuit on a PC board as well as the adhesive intensity of silver paper, aluminum foil, rubberized fabric, and other materials. The trapeziform screw drive and holistic nut design are used in this test stand. There is a 45° angle between the aquaplane and the level, which ensures that the tested object moves while being tested, allowing for vertical peel-off testing. Manual operation, simplicity, and dependability.

Product Characteristic:

  • Dimensions: 420*215*480mm; weight: approximately 22.0kg;
  • capacity: 500N; stroke: 170mm;
  • SN/SH (Sensor Inside) push pull force gauge, various clamps (purchase separately).