SUNDOO Series Locking Force Tester STH

STH Series Locking Force Tester

According to GB/T3098.9, the locking force tester is specifically made for effective force and torque of steel hexagon nuts. It is appropriate for effective force and torque testing of ordinary and steel hexagon nuts. Both a clamping force sensor and a dynamic torque sensor are included. Torque and clamping force could be completed once every test, and the test software featured a connection to a computer for viewing. Dynamic changes in torque and clamping force made it easier to analyze test data and increased test efficiency.

  • Improved structure design, practical test, quick, and precise.
  • High-power drive technology that is also very effective, dependable, and precise.
  • Dual sensors for force and torque, finishing torque only.
  • Double-screen torque and force display that is both attractive and practical.
  • Equipped with torque and force monitoring software.