SUNDOO Diagram Push-Pull S Type Force Gauge SP

SP Diagram push pull force gauge(S Type)

SP Series Chart The first type of push pull force gauge to use a TFT LCD and realize peak value, instantaneous value, and curve of testing process presented on one page of the screen is the push pull force gauge with compact size and high accuracy. It is convenient to use and simple to operate. The curve keeps track of the entire testing procedure. The force gauge can be used for a variety of testing tasks, including switch testing, connection insertion/withdraw testing, and fracture testing, in addition to the straightforward measurement of tension/compression force. It may also be quickly put on a variety of test stands when used in conjunction with clamps or hooks to carry out several measurements.

  • High precision and high resolution; TFT LCD displays peak value, instantaneous value, and curve of testing process on one page;
  • Tracking and monitoring the entire testing process; Overturning display screen; Automatic conversion between N, kgf, lbf, and ozf, four units;
  • Using the material’s cross sectional area to test the material’s intensity and present the material’s intensity curve;
  • USB data port with hot plug support; By connecting a PC with preset software, you can memorize, send, and follow testing curve data indefinitely. print a form using custom settings and the appropriate software;
  • Design that powers down automatically after a preset period of inactivity;