SUNDOO Digital Push-Pull Force Gauge SH-B

SH-B Digital Push Pull Force Gauge

The item is called the SH-B Digital Push Pull Force Gauge.
This force gauge is a small, versatile test gauge. It is used for compression and tension tests, insertion and extraction tests, and breaking tests. It has a split-type design. Digital display with great accuracy and resolution and effective test results.
  • Split-type construction for an experimental product.
  • Peak hold time setting (1–10 seconds).
  • There are upper and lower limit settings, red/green and buzzer alarms.
  • Function for calculating the average of 10 test values. Choose from N, kgf, or lbf.
  • Setting for auto-off time (1–60 minutes) without use.
  • RS-232 output, software integration, force curve visualisation, data archiving for analysis, and printing.