Sino HS710A Hydraulic Comparator

The HS710A Hydraulic Pressure Comparison Pump is made of advanced stainless steel, has a bench-top design, and can generate pressures up to 700bar. The sliding block structure for screw pump design makes high pressure operation easier and saves labour, as well as saving operation space without requiring a screw outside. The F-adjust valve precisely adjusts the pressure value and calibrates 250kPa pressure instruments. The detachable Oil cup is simple to clean and maintain, and the work medium can be checked from outside on a regular basis. It calibrated pressure instruments together with three outputs and quick coupling. It is widely used in the laboratory to calibrate pressure instruments.

  •  pressure range: (0~600)bar,(0~700)bar
  •  Working media: Distilled water
  •  Adjust resolution:1mbar


  • a bench-top structure made of advanced stainless steel
  • The detachable oil cup is simple to clean and maintain.
  • Quick connection, quick pressurization, and simple operation
  • It is used for calibrating all kinds of oil gauges