SINO HX601E Pressure Data Logger

An integrated data logging solution is created by the HX601E Pressure Data Logger and its software. While Pressure Datalogger does all of the actual data gathering, the software application manages all data transport and storage to your computer’s hard drive. After the collection and transfer of measurement data, the data file can be instantly saved into Microsoft Excel sheets.

The HX601E Pressure Data Logger can be utilised in the water, power, oil, chemical, metallurgical, and metre industries to monitor and record pressure values in real-time. For the implementation of a second instrument data logging, a 4-20 mA current input channel is used in this particular model.

  • Data storage: 1M bytes of non-volatile memory
  • Range of pressures: (-1-0), (0-600)bar
  • (Any range falling between these two ranges)
  • Accuracy: 0.1 % F.S., 0.2 % F.S.