SINO HS319L Electric Pressure Comparator + HS310 silent compressor

The gas-liquid push or gas-gas push principle is used by the HS319L Steady Servo Electrical Pressure Calibrator. The additional air sources fully replace the laborious and difficult hand work activity by providing active power to pre-pressure for the entire calibrating system. The pressure values are extremely precise and stable thanks to servo control pressure and dynamic equilibrium design. With a minimum adjustment resolution of 1kPa, pressure regulators can modify the exact pressure value. Only a finger can fully pressurise, which saves a lot of labour.

Four pressure gauges can be calibrated simultaneously using the five pressure output interfaces made of stainless steel. Without employing wrenches, a pressure instrument can be quickly coupled. This instrument is simple to use and can generate the necessary testing pressure very quickly. It also offers fine pressure control and stabilises the pressure in less than 5 seconds. In light of the aforementioned factors, one of its key advantages is that it saves time and effort, making it ideal for heavy and repetitive calibration.

  • Stable and servo-controlled pressure
  • Five outputs increase calibration efficiency.
  • Pressure range generated: (0–600)bar