Sino HX601 Digital Pressure Gauge

The HX601 Digital Pressure Gauge is built with micropower components and proprietary software processing technology. Using Li-battery power, it can run continuously for 24 hours for two years. The data could be displayed more clearly with a 5-digit large crystal screen. Every HX601 has undergone high and low-temperature aging, ensuring more reliable precision. The product has been used in the power, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, and metering industries, among others.

◆ Pressure range::(-1-0)bar, (0-700)bar
(any range within this two ranges)
◆ Accuracy::±0.05%F.S; 0.1%f.s, 0.2%f.s 0.5%f.s
◆ Display:5 digits with 14mm character height