Sino HS721 Pneumatic Comparator

The HS721 Pneumatic Pressure Comparison Pump has a reverse valve that generates pressure from the vacuum to 140bar. The F-adjust valve has a pressure resolution of 10Pa (0.1mbar). Having three outputs with fast fittings makes it easier to calibrate two under-test pressure instruments at the same time. A built-in gas-oil isolator protects the pump from oil impurities, reducing the need for unnecessary maintenance. The lever lead screw design, in particular, allows the user to operate in a labor-saving mode. It is widely used in the laboratory to calibrate pressure instruments.

◆ Pressure Range: (-0.95~60) bar; (-0.95~140)bar
◆ Working Media: Air
◆ Weight: 14.8Kg


  • In the military industry, food-grade stainless steel and hermetic technology are used.
  • High precision, stable pressure generation, and simple operation
  • A wide pressure range and a high vacuum degree
  • High dependability, extensive micro-adjustment range