SASS and SUPER SASS Speciation Sampler


  • Integrated portable sampling equipment for ambient particulates.
  • 6.7 litres per minute PM2.5 inlet sampling rate.
  • Cassettes are kept at less than 5°C above ambient temperature by the solar protection.
  • Data integrity is provided by canister, which is contaminant-proof.
  • Various filter medium and a new multi-cell denuder.


This device has all of the functionality of the SASS in addition to having sequential programming for multi-day operation. Depending on the number of sample channels utilised each day, SUPER SASS will sample for up to eight days. Four separate volumetric flow controllers, one for each sampling group, are included with SUPER SASS as standard.

  • 8 channel operation maximum.
  • Sequential sampling for one to eight days.
  • Controllers for Automatic Volumetric Flow.
  • Each Channel is capable of autonomous operation.
  • Screens for Advanced Field Audits.