TES AFLEX-3005 Flexible Power Quality Tester

  • AC current measurement up to 3000A (True RMS): basic accuracy 1% of range
  • AC voltage measurement up to 600V (TrueRMS): basic accuracy 0.5% of range
  • AC watt measurement up to 9999KW: basic accuracy 1% of range
  • Power quality analysis for single and balanced 3-phase system
  • Measurement of balanced 3Φ power quality and phase sequence
  • Active (W, KW, HP), Reactive (VAR, KVAR), and Apparent (VA, KVA) power
  • Power factor (PF), Phase angle (Φ), and Energy (WH, KWH)
  • 1 to 50th order of harmonics at 2.0% basic accuracy
  • Total harmonic distortion (%THD-F) and Crest factor (CF)
  • Frequency of ACV or ACA: 45 ~ 65 Hz Fast peak function (39μs for 50 Hz, 33μs for 60Hz)
  • Work with PC via USB interface Programmable CT ratio from 1 to 250 Max / Min / Data Hold functions
  • Auto power off function in 30 minutes Data logging memory size: 8000 records