Sundoo SJX-2KV Electric Vertical Test Stand

The SJX-2KV Electric Vertical Test Stand is a tensile/compressive test stand that has been specifically designed to match push pull force gauges. This Test Stand is stable, has a wide application range, and is simple to use. It has a stepless speed adjustment uniform motion, a digital display of the testing speed, and the ability to switch between manual and automatic operation. It is designed for tension/compression testing, insertion/withdraw testing, fatigue testing, and fracture testing.

Product Characteristic:

  • L*W*H(mm) 465*310*1180; Weight: approximately 52.1kg; Stroke: 600mm
  • Speed of testing: 50-500mm/min, maximum load: 2000N;
  • SN, SH/SP (2N -2kN) push pull force gauge, various clamps (purchase separately).