SUNDOO Spring Tester SD-10~30B

SD-10~30B Spring Tester

The SD-10~30B Series digital spring tester is a unique tool utilized in a variety of industries for testing push and pull, spring extension and compression, and other domains where it is permitted.

  • Peak holding and auto-release function: Capturing the peak value in the test, displaying it on the display for 1 to 10 seconds, then releasing the value and getting ready for the next peak;
  • Comparing function: The gadget can judge the measured result as Go (Green pilot lamp)/NG (Red pilot lamp) based on the initial input of the tolerance limit (Max/Min);
  • Automatic power-off function: You can choose the power-off time (1–60 minutes);
  • Memory performance: Calculate the average from 10 testing data;
  • RS-232C output: The connector for communication is provided by the output;