SUNDOO Full-Automatic Spring Tester SDS

SDS Full-automatic spring tester

SDS is a fully automatic spring tester with a servo drive system and a 32 bit RM chip electron system. Its test range and speed are more precise. In addition to being specifically made for spring tension and compression, it can also be utilized for other things, such rubber tension and compression.

  • Peak/real-time value/force curve display simultaneously on 800*480 pixel, touch-enabled, TFT vivid screen.
  • Free up and down limit values can be defined and judged at will.
  • Various spring test requirements require various test modes: Constant force, Constant displacement, constant force and displacement circles, constant force and displacement multipoint tests, and constant force and displacement circle modes.
  • several points, print, and determine severity Save 10 test values and 3 sets of curve tests; examine the values of each point on the curve; and print the test report using the internal printer.
  • Option for four units: N、kgf、lbf、ozf, automated exchange Without any action, automatic off mode, with freely adjustable time auto-return to starting point after test completion High-speed approach and low-speed collection are the two speed modes.
  • Superior driving effectiveness, high accuracy displacement, and high precision ball screw Low noise servo drive system with strong stability High precision sensor, promising test accuracy