SUNDOO Torque Meter ST-B

ST-B Torque Meter

An intelligent metrologic instrument, the ST-B series Cap Torque Meter is made for detecting and calibrating the torque torsion of approval and closure of various caps. Clamps are used to adapt it. Installing a clamp is simple and quick. and 200mm is the attached diameter. It features an internal printer, RS-232C output, and can send data to a computer for analysis and additional printing.

  • Connect to a computer to observe the force value curve using the test program;
  • A test curve or ten groups of tested data printed;
  • You can choose the power-off time (1–60 minutes);
  • Automatic unit conversion (N.m, kgf, cm, and lbf in);
  • 10 test results for memory, average calculated;
  • Set an alarm with a sound and light, upper and lower limits;
  • It is possible to set the peak holding time (1–10 seconds);