Sino HS700 Vacuum Comparator

The HS700 Micro Pressure Comparison Pump is made of high-quality, transparent plexiglass. The operation of the piston inside can be clearly seen. The overall structure is more user-friendly and compact. This instrument is specifically designed to generate micro pressures ranging from vacuum to 0.5bar. The F-adjust valve had a pressure resolution of 0.01mbar. The HS700 Mirco Pressure Calibrator is extremely stable. The design of the relief valve allows the system to quickly return to zero pressure. Two standard pressure outputs make it simple to connect gauges under test without the use of wrenches. The differential port may also be used to connect gauges under test via a hose. It calibrates a wide range of micro-pressure instruments in the field and laboratory.

◆ Generated pressure range:(-0.5~0.5)bar
◆ Working media: Air
◆ Weight:2.55kg
◆ Adopts high-quality and transparent plexiglass material.
◆ The whole structure is more intuitive and compact.
◆ Simple operation, and convenient maintenance.
◆ Pressure resolution:0.01mbar