SINO HS215 Multifunction Process Calibrator

The high precision portable HS215 Multifunction Process Calibrator is an instrument. It has a unique design for process control and is portable. Pressure, resistance, current, frequency, thermal resistance, thermocouple, and other instruments, among others, can be measured and sourced.


  • Precision: 0.05%F.S
  • Weight: 0.65kg
  • Dimensions: 200mm×96mm×47mm
  • Measure and source resistance, frequency, active or passive current, and voltage.
  •  Simulate thermal resistance and thermocouple in the form of temperature
  • Thermocouple measurements and outputs all provide automatic and manual temperature correction.
  • May act as a transmitter for a two-wire system
  • Isolated channel, support for output and measurement
  • Auto-detection of the three-wire or four-wire connection mode
  • IP67 grade provides the best waterproof protection performance.
  • In the event that a 220V connection is made with an automated overvoltage safety mechanism
  • With manual stepping, automatic stepping, and a phase step and ramp feature that outputs 0 to 100%.
  • White LED with a backlight