SUNDOO Torque Meter HP

HP Torque Meter

An sophisticated, multipurpose instrument with a unique design for high impact testing and measuring, the HP Series High Impact Torque Tester. various electric and pneumatic drivers, a torque fracture test, a torque screwdriver, a torque wrench, and other fasteners are tested and corrected. High accuracy, full functionality, simplicity of use, and portability. It is extensively employed in the electric, light, machine-made, scientific, and other industries.

  • Test electric and pneumatic tools with high torque and speed;
  • Peak hold function: Capture and hold the test’s peak value, with an optional auto-release; evaluating function The device’s ability to judge the measured result as Go (Green pilot lamp)/NG (Red pilot lamp) depends on the initial input of the tolerance limit (Max/Min);
  • LED screen: Indicates the torque direction and has a blue lighting;
  • Memory performance: Calculate the average from 10 testing data; Automatic conversion of three units (N.m,, and;
  • Automatic power-off function: You may independently select the power-off time (1–60 minutes); RS-232C output: A computer can receive data via RS-232C output.