SUNDOO Digital Push-Pull Cycle Type Sensor Force Gauge SH

SH Digital Push Pull Force Gauge (Cycle Type Sensor)

An instrument for push pull testing with excellent resolution is the SH Series Digital Push Pull Force Gauge. It is used in fracture testing, insertion/withdraw testing, and push/pull testing. Additionally, the product is effective push pull testing equipment of a new generation, connecting to a computer to display the test force curve and test process.

  • The peak holding time can be set (1–10 seconds) and has an auto-releasing function
  • Comparing function: The gadget can judge the measured result as Go (Green pilot lamp)/NG (Red pilot lamp) based on the initial input of the tolerance limit (Max/Min)
  • Memory performance: Calculate the average from 10 testing data; three units (N, kgf, and lbf) are automatically converted
  • Function for changing the LCD screen’s direction: Holding down the unit key for three seconds
  • Automatic power-off function: user-adjustable power-off time (1–60 minutes)
  • RS-232C output: sending data to a printer or computer, putting it in “Excel,” and then printing or analysing it