Mahr Metrology MarSurf WI 50 M


The MarSurf WI 50M is a powerful surface profiler for the three-dimensional measurement and analysis of surfaces – contactless, independent of material, and fast.

High performance entry-level solution

Precise measurement in the sub-nanometer range – simple with the new MarSurf WI 50 M. With an intuitive software user guide and very user-friendly design, this 3D measuring instrument is ideal for everyday use in the laboratory and quality management.
The new WI 50 M meets all the requirements of your measuring tasks in the nanometer range – offering maximum performance and impressive value for money. With a minimalistic approach, compact design and large installation space, the tool lives up to its reputation as “an optimal entry-level solution.

Typical measuring tasks

  • Roughness measurements as per
    ISO 4287 & ISO 13565 / ISO 25178
  • Topography measurements (including volume, wear, tribology)
  • contour and form (2D, 3D)
  • pore, particle analysis
  • defect detection
Maximum data quality
One of our most important criteria, which equates to excellent precision, accuracy, reproducibility, and documentation to ensure traceability and auditability. Our greatest service for the customer is to provide a quantitative measuring value that can be implemented reliably in the engineering, product, process design, and quality control areas.