Mahr Metrology MarSurf CM explorer

Flexible all-round measurement solution

The MarSurf CM explorer is a compact confocal microscope with which you can precisely measure and analyze surfaces three-dimensionally – contact-free, material-independent and fast.

Flexible all-round measurement solution

Thanks to its robust design and insensitivity to environmental influences, the MarSurf CM explorer is not only suitable for use in the test and inspection laboratory, but also ideally equipped for quality assurance in production environments.

Typical measurement tasks

  • Roughness measurements according to
    ISO 4287 & ISO 13565 / ISO 25178
  • Topography measurements (e.g. volume, wear, tribology)
  • Contour and shape (2D, 3D)
  • Pore, particle anylse
  • Defect detection
Highest level of data quality
One of our most important criteria is excellent precision, accuracy, repeatability, reproducibility and documentation for traceability and auditability. Our greatest achievement for the customer is a quantitative measure that they can rely on in the areas of engineering, product and process design, quality control, etc.