Hanna Instruments HI96821 Digital Refractometer for Measuring Sodium Chloride in Food

The HI96821 is a tough, transportable digital refractometer used for measuring sodium chloride (NaCl). g/100 g, g/100 mL, specific gravity, and °Baume are the four distinct ways the HI96821 shows the amount of sodium chloride present.

The instrument’s great accuracy and straightforward use produce consistent readings every time. All readings have an automatic 1.5 second reaction time and temperature change compensation. The stainless steel well and sealed flint glass prism are both simple to clean. Simply clean with a gentle towel to get ready for the subsequent sample.

  • Sample size as small as 2 metric drops (100 μl)
  • Sealed stainless steel well with high-grade optical prism made of flint glass
  • Fast 1.5 second response time for temperature compensated readings